10 Christmas Gift Ideas for everyone

10 gift suggestions for this Christmas season

Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle all the way

Christmas in Nigeria is a time of love, nostalgia, endless parties and food. It is also a time for getting nice gifts for those you love. As a child, Christmas was the time to pay ‘courtesy visits’ to every available uncle and aunt. There was always more naira notes in our pockets at the end of the day.

As this year’s celebrations enter full gear, you may be considering getting gifts for your loved ones and friends. Today, we’ll be exploring some gift suggestions tailored for Christmas in Nigeria


There are no mentioning Christmas gifts in Nigeria without hampers. Adults and kids alike love it making it a perfect family gift. You can buy already prepared hampers or make yours. The latter is cheaper and comes with a personal touch. I know this family friend who sends hampers to his business partners every Christmas. He and his family prepare the hamper at home.

Bag of rice plus other foodstuff

You can also light up a family’s Christmas by gifting foodstuff. The truth is while some are dining in plenty, there are others who have barely enough for a square meal. This season is a great time to spread reach these ones. Even people who can feed will appreciate food gifts.

You can buy a bag and split into smaller factions or buy any of the smaller rice bags. Foodstuff suggestions to go with the rice include can tomatoes, groundnut oil, live chicken etc

Christmas cards

Christmas cards are a simple way to express your Christmas wishes. They come in all shapes, sizes and designs. If you have the time, you can also design your own Christmas cards. All you need is to buy the materials needed such as markers, calligraphy pens, cardboard papers etc.


Christmas card

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The time spent in designing the cards is a great time for the family to bond. There’s also the added advantage of making cards with a personal touch.

Game console

Game console

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As an uncle or aunt, we always have that nagging little one who wants a video game or the latest gadget. Christmas time is perfect for getting them this type of gift. Think of it as a worthy reward to a year of good behaviour. The most popular game consoles are the Playstation, Xbox and Nintendo. If the person already has a console, then other gaming accessories still make great gifts. The latest FIFA game CD is a good shout.

Customized mugs, umbrellas



This entry is more popular with corporate bodies. At the end of the year, company engraved pens, diaries, umbrellas, cups etc are given to staff.

Other gifts to consider


For taking beautiful selfies, keeping up with social media and communicating with the world.


For the music-inclined, a headset ticks the right boxes. Just make sure it’s one that delivers quality sound and lasts long.

Clothes, shoes

A personalized t-shirt may just be enough to light up the face of your friend or loved one. Other clothing accessories and shoes are wonderful gifts to consider for Christmas

Toys (for the kids)

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Children love their toys. Spice up their Christmas this year with a toy that keeps them busy. Bonus points if the toy is an educational one.



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Motivational, fiction, non-fiction etc, a book lover will be elated if you surprised them with a book they’ve always wanted.


Give your loved ones and neighbours a memorable Christmas this season.

Have a merry Christmas and prosperous 2018.


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