About Vanaplus
Vanaplus is a member of the Vanaplus Group.We are known for stocking quality Stationery, Office, School & General Supplies, Computers & Accessories, Books, Gifts, Media and more.We deal with renowned brands of the above-listed categories, having numerous customers that have come to rely on our sales support and warranties.Incorporated in Dec. 2004, The Company has since grown into a significant member of the Vanaplus Group.

The essence of our existence in the corporate world is to have an impact on living and life as a whole. Let's take you on an expedition through the very best available in stationery, computers, and office, school & general supplies with 
value-added services, prompt delivery, and great customer experience.
Our Vision
To be a leader in retail chain business with a touch of world-class standard.
Through our value added... Uncommon corporate philosophy, which stands out as the basic strategy of our marketing and customer relations, we offer incomparable and unique services.

You can share our vision through your patronage and helpful media relation.

Our Mission

To be a leader in retail chain business with a touch of world class standard by 2025.
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Need more information?
You may please Contact us:
132, Iganmode road,Sango Ota,Ogun, Nigeria.
Call – 0908 000 0232 
email - info@vanaplus.com.ng
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