5 Accessories you should consider adding to your Laptop

Buying a new laptop? Here are five accessories you should have

Here are five accessories you should have

It’s true that laptops are as portable as they come. A monitor, a keyboard, a mouse, the CPU - everything you need in a desktop computer comes packed in one box. However, and like most products, there are accessories you can use to complement the laptop and enhance its use. Whether software or hardware, these accessories can help improve your user experience.

Below are five accessories you should consider adding to your laptop

  1. Mouse

I’ve always asked the need for an external mouse when laptops come with track pads. At some point, I even argued this with a colleague and preferred the track pad over an old-school mouse. All that changed the day I used a traditional mouse for a full day.

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If you’re a gamer or into any form of computer-aided designs, you’ll understand how important a mouse is. Some functions are smoother to pull with it.

For example, scrolling is generally easier with a mouse through as some laptop track pads don't support this feature. If you worry about the mouse taking one of your USB ports, you have the option of a getting a wireless mouse.

  1. Memory card reader/adapter

Memory cards come in different sizes and memory capacities. While laptops are having memory card slots these days, the challenge is the slot provided is for SD memory cards. If you use a micro SD memory card, you can use an adapter so it can fit in the laptop provided memory card slot.

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If your laptop doesn’t have a memory card slot, you can buy a memory card reader. These cards come with various ports for different card sizes and connect to your laptop via a USB port. I’d recommend getting one if you come across memory cards often.

  1. Laptop bag

I have this friend whose laptop bag can (literally) protect his laptop from a nuclear blast. From the reflective interiors to the layers of padding, the design is a marvel. A laptop bag is a must-have accessory. It protects the laptop from adverse weather and helps store other laptop accessories in one location.

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Laptop bags come in fashionable and not-so-fashionable designs. You can use the suitcase-type laptop bags or backpacks.

  1. External storage

Having extra storage becomes a must-have at some point. If you work from your laptop and store lots of material, a day will come when you have to get external storage

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On a basic level, I encourage every computer user to have a personal flash drive. You don’t want to collect some files from someone and be looking for where to get a flash. It’s worse than asking for a pen in a banking hall. You can also use your external hard disk or flash to backup your important files.

  1. HDMI/VGA cables

Don’t be surprised at this entry as HDMI cables are gradually becoming cool laptop accessories today. Why? because most new generation TVs have HDMI/VGA inputs. What this means is you can extend your laptop screen to a TV at home or office. You can also duplicate your laptop screen for a bigger viewing experience.

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Imagine checking out that building plan you just made on a 42” LED TV. Isn't cool it?

Other accessories

There are other add-ons you can get for your laptop to suit some special needs. They include:

  1. Sketchpad
  2. game controllers
  3. external optical drive (DVD, Blu-ray)
  4. external Bluetooth
  5. speakers
  6. microphones
  7. headsets and so on.
  8. portable AC power supply
  9. lap desk, laptop stands and so.

Next time you walk into a computer shop be on a lookout for any of these accessories to add to your laptop.



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