5 Best Printers For Home Office Use

5 Best Home Printers for 2017 

Choosing the right printer for your needs can be quite a task, with many available at a range of prices and made to meet different purposes. You can pick up some home printers at affordable prices, but in some cases, the low-quality results really don't justify the savings.

Printing your documents doesn’t have to be such a grueling task even though you’re out of the office premises. Thanks to the way tech gadgets have helped to simplify our lives. In fact, it is not uncommon today to find printers installed in the only place that’s accessible to you alone regardless of the time or day- your home!

The type of printer you choose would depend on quite a number of factors such as; printer type (Laser, inkjet or All-in-one), affordability, as well as the purpose it would serve. 

To put it simply, if you require one that prints high-quality photos, then you can opt for inkjet printers otherwise stick with laser printers if all you want to do is manipulate your documents on a hardcopy paper.

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Still confused? Not to worry, we’ve eliminated the guesswork for you by compiling the 5 best printers that can be efficiently used at home, in this article.

  • Epson Expression XP-330

This inkjet printer belongs to a class of wireless printers that is designed to eliminate the needless use of wires by utilizing wireless technology.

Epson Expression XP-330

With this, you can easily print documents on the move thus eliminating inconvenience when it comes to getting a job done.

  • Hp Envy 5660

Hp is no doubt great at making users feel thrilled and basking in the euphoria of a breath-taking printing experience.

Hp Envy 5660


While Hp Envy 5660 is not entirely perfect, it comes at a price that clearly stands up to the competition.

  • Hp LaserJet Pro M252DW

While it is rare for most Laser printers to offer color printing, HP LaserJet Pro M252DW takes exception to this. It boasts hi-speed connectivity featuring Ethernet connection, Wi-Fi, and USB. Its top-notch touchscreen would make you feel welcome.

HP LaserJet Pro M252DW

Speaking of technology at its peak, this device helps you print documents stored in the cloud. The print quality is fantastic, prints on both sides of the paper and it’s not even expensive to buy.

  • Hp DeskJet 3630

This printing machine is capable of many things in one thereby offering you great value for money. That’s not what even what would make you tick.

Hp DeskJet 3630

Hp DeskJet 3630 is a fantastic all-in-one printer that not only facilitates photocopying and scanning of your documents but it is extremely affordable for those who are working on a lean budget.

  • Brother MFC-J985DW

This brand might not be as popular as Hp or Epson or any other trending printer for that matter. However, the Brother MFC-J985DW is a printing powerhouse that is inexpensive and is multi-functional.

Brother MFC-J985DW


It connects easily with compatible devices through Wi-Fi, USB or NFC. In addition to that, it can print on both sides of your sheet and it’s pretty easy to maintain.


Home printers are becoming popular today. And if you’re looking for ways to print without constraints, then the options above is a great place to start from.


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