5 must have computer accessories

Computer makes our work easier and faster. Accessories makes life better. With the increase in demand for PC, the demand for its accessories is also on high demand and choosing the right accessories make our computer more practical easier to move and also boost its functionality.

Today, we accessorize our phone, car, outfit etc but have we also consider getting accessories for our computer?

Here are 5 must have computer accessories to boost your productivity


Flash Drive

Flash drive is a handy and a transfer tool. The size is handy and to use it, you simply plug it into your computer USB port to store songs, pictures and other large documents.

It is a perfect tool for moving files from one computer to another. It is a must have accessory for every computer owner.


USB Hub with Card Reader

This accessory is a hub for USB ports and an ideal tool for quick copy of files either from your laptop, music player and digital camera. It can be used to charge and read SD card simultaneously.

Wireless Keyboard

Wireless keyboard is a type of keyboard that allows you to communicate with your PC with the aid of bluetooth as its source of connectivity. Its lightweight, stylish and available in different specifications.



If you use a PC often, a mouse is a must have accessory. It allows you to drag, highlight, copy, paste without necessarily having to tap your keypads. With a mouse, you can do in less time.



Portable Speakers

Although, laptops and desktop comes with inbuilt speakers but it lacks quality sound. For clarity and quality sound, give your computer a boost by picking up a portable speaker. It is easier to move and do not take valuable space.

Take the functionality of your PC to the next level by shopping for these handy accessories here

Nwajei Babatunde

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