Top 4 Reasons you should avoid Pirated Software

Have you ever considered the dangers of using pirated software?

It is now a trend seeing pirated software around. Some of them are sold in computer stores or downloaded from the internet. Personally, I have seen laptops using pirated operating systems. While this seems prevalent in this age, it doesn't make it right.

Pirated software is software programs that have been installed without purchasing from the owner. Like all things fake, the fake software has their set of issues which may be harmful to your computer or your online security.

Here are four good reasons why you should avoid pirated software

  1. It is outright illegal

This is the black and white truth. Piracy is illegal and frowned upon in virtually every sphere of life. The movie industry is fighting hard as is every other sphere of production. Companies usually add warnings against pirating their product.

Some have even taken legal action against pirates and users of pirated material. A lot of investment goes into making these products, it is logical that the parent companies combat counterfeits.

No one will like if his work is replicated without their consent. Bad products cast a bad image on the company as well as a loss in potential sales.

  1. There is no manufacturer support

When Windows rolled out Windows 10, users with original versions of Windows on their PCs were among the first to get it and at no cost. Microsoft allowed these users download Windows 10 for free. This is one of the advantages of using original software. You get support from the manufacturer. Key updates, patches etc can be done online without any fear of the company flagging your system for counterfeiting.

You can also easily reach the company to attend to any troubles you may have using the product. They will gladly assist you. Pirated software has zero support and most times, zero updates.

  1. To avoid bugs

Original software has gone through series of testing and bug fixes before release. Other bugs are regularly patched through updates. Pirated ones on the hand may come with hidden bugs which are rarely patched and may pose a challenge down the line.

  1. To avoid malware and other viruses

In line with the above, some of these bugs may act like viruses which are harmful to your computer. Fake software packages often come with malware and other viruses. This malware can be used to monitor your computer from a remote location or be a ransomware and encrypt all your important files.

Software pirates may put malicious code into the software to mess with your computer. A typical example is in antivirus software. My advice for antivirus software is to, as much as possible, avoid pirated antivirus. Instead, use a system without antivirus and don’t transfer files from foreign untrusted storage media.

It is true that some parties balk at buying original software because of the price. But what they don't know is that because something is free, doesn't mean there is no hidden cost. Most times, you are paying the price in another way other than money.

To alleviate the price concern, software companies frequently give discounts on their products to make it more affordable for all. Buy original software today and experience the peace of mind that comes with it.


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