Amazing Gift Ideas for Writers

Writers are some of the best and most creative people on the planet. Their heads are almost always in the clouds, and they keep thinking of new ways to create new worlds. Writers need gifts that are practical, reusable, and can be used daily or regularly in doing what they do best - writing and creating.

Christmas, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and other similar events are great occasions to present gifts to the writers in your life.

Below are a list of some gifts for writers:


Books from their favorite authors:

Writers need to read to keep fueling their imagination, so what better gift for your friends and family than books from authors they look up to and respect? You can get them book sets, latest releases, or classics, and they’ll be super appreciative of it.


Fountain pens: 

Classic or ballpoint pens get boring at some point, and fountain pens bring some personality to a writer’s notes. A great option is this Calligraphic Pen Setbut if you want to give them one with an ink refill pen, you can opt for this one.

Ideas can pop into the heads of writers at any time, so they’ll surely appreciate more notepads to jot, connect, and build up their ideas. Amazing notepad gifts for your friends include the Clipboard Notepad and Wide Ruled Notepad.


A laptop cooling pad is a great gift for writers who use their laptops all the time. It’s compact, easy to use, and has many advantages to both the laptop and the writer. It makes work more comfortable and it extends the longevity of the laptop.



Wireless mouse and keyboard:

 If the writers in your life use laptops, then the gifts of a wireless mouse and/or keyboard would be greatly appreciated. It gives them more freedom to work and saves their eyes from the close glare of the laptop screen.

Any writer would love to receive one or more of the aforementioned gifts, and they’ll love you more for it. 

Rukayat Oyindamola Adeoti 

I'm a 20-year old freelance writer, blogger, and content developer. I am also a budding digital artist and graphic designer. I love to eat, write, create, and learn.  .

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