eMMC- What you need to Know

There are three major internal storage devices used in most portable devices. One of them is the Embedded MultiMedia Card (eMMC).

The Embedded MultiMediaCard (eMMC) is an internal data storage card, built using flash storage. Its tiny size and low price make it a popular choice for data storage in portable devices like smartphones, tablets, cameras, and laptops. Users can usually increase their storage capacity by adding removable Secure Digital (SD) cards.

Let’s keep it at the back of our mind that eMMC is built on top MultiMediaCard standard majorly for consumer-level storage. It has an Integrated Circuit which uses a parallel connection to attach to the main circuit board of its device.  It runs an architecture that makes the chip’s integrated controller take over the right function from the CPU thereby freeing the CPU to do other tasks. With this architecture, less power is being used than the spinning disk.

Here are five major focus when talking about the eMMC.


eMMC has a size of postage stamp which makes it commonly used in lightweight portable devices. This size makes it possible for it to be attached to the panels of the devices in which they are to function.


Even though the workload performance of eMMC is quite not up to that of SSDs due to the number of memory gates it has, it has the fastest transfer speed. The 5.1 eMMC storage standard delivers transfer speeds up to 400MB/s which is clearly fast enough for enterprise applications.


Due to the size and the composition, the eMMC is quite cheaper than the SSD and the larger spindle counterparts. This should imply that the devices with eMMC shouldn’t be that expensive compared to the others.

 Storage Capacity:  

The storage capacity in eMMC is not as large as the HDD and SSDs. So, in all, eMMC is more like a memory card attached to the board unlike the counterparts. For now, the highest capacity of the eMMC is 32gb.


So, the next time you see eMMC, if you didn’t know what it meant now you do. It’s nothing special really.

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