How to Run Android Apps on iOS Devices

Having dispute on two Operating Systems is nothing out of the ordinary and has never stopped. Android and iOS, which one is better? There is no doubt that both systems have their advantages and disadvantages. Android is an open source platform and users can get many excellent apps from multiple app stores while iOS users can only download apps from App Store due to some iOS restrictions.

Because of this iOS restrictions, users that have a flair for mobile Apps are unable to access Apps of their choice. This makes quite a several users want to know how to run Android apps on iOS device. Currently, there is not an effective way available to realize this. In this publication, we would introduce to you two alternative ways to enjoy Android apps on iPhone and iPad.

The best alternative to run Android Apps on iOS is as follows:

  1. Apower Mirror
  2. Airmore
  3. Screen Mirror


Speaking of alternatives to run Android Apps on iPhones and IPad, the best bet is Apower Mirror. This is one of the best mirroring applications which allows the mirroring from Android to iOS devices in an easy way. With this app, you don’t need to download the Android app you want to use on your iPhone or iPad or even jailbreak your iPhone or iPad. It has a simple and clear interface, which makes it easy to operate even for new users. This app allows you to you to enjoy Android games and apps on iPhone or iPad as you wish. Before you start to use it, make sure you have your devices connected to the same WiFi network. Then follow the steps below:

  • Download ApowerMirror on both your Android and iOS devices from the appropriate stores.


  • Launch ApowerMirror on both devices. Find the blue mirror button on the bottom part of the interface on the Android device, and it will search for other devices to connect.

  • Tap on the name of your iOS device from the list of found devices. Then tap on “START NOW” to mirror your Android to the iOS device

Once the connection is established, your Android screen will be cast to the iOS device immediately.

While using ApowerMirror, you can use the iOS device and the functions of it by pressing the home button and go back to the interface of iOS. You should keep ApowerMirror running in the background. If you close ApowerMirror on the iOS device, then the screen sharing will be stopped.


AirMore is a professional web-based mobile device management tool. In addition to allowing you to transfer and manage data on your mobile devices quickly and easily, it also enables you to display your phone notifications on your PC via visiting Moreover, this free tool can also mirror your Android to PC as well as iOS devices using Reflector function.

To enjoy this function, follow these simple steps:

  • Download Airmore App from Google Play Store.

  • Get your Android device and iPad/iPhone connected to the same WiFi network.
  • Open a Firefox browser or Google Chrome on your iOS, and then input and enter the site.
  • Launch Android AirMore and tap “Scan to connect” to scan the QR Code that appeared on your iPad/iPhone screen.
  • Hit on “Reflector” on AirMore web; then on your Android device, there will be a notice to remind you to cast your Android to another device. Select “Don’t show again” and then tap on “Start Now” to mirror your Android to iPad or iPhone.

For this to work properly, ensure that your Android operating system is 5.0 or later to reflect successfully.


Then you can see your Android screen on your iOS device clearly. By the way, tapping the “Fullscreen” button in the middle of the bottom part of the app allows you to switch to full-screen mode. With AirMore, you can mirror Android to iPhone and iPad easily, enjoy your Android gameplay and share your Android screen with others freely.

Screen Mirror

One other screen mirroring application that is worth mentioning is Screen Mirror. This app is developed for streaming Android devices. This app allows you to cast your Android screen to iOS devices easily via IP connection. As soon as you open a website on your iOS device, it would display your Android screen immediately. Like AirMore, browsers like Firefox and Chrome are supported by this app.

Follow the steps below to stream Android screen to iPad or iPhone with Screen Mirror.

  • Download Screen Mirror onto your Android phone.
  • After you launched the app on your Android device tap “START”. You will get a notice showing that “Screen Mirror will start capturing everything that’s displayed on your screen”, select “Don’t show again” and then tap “START NOW” to get a web address.
  • Enter the web address into the browser of your iPhone/iPad, and your Android screen will be displayed on your iOS device immediately.


Of three tools mentioned above, ApowerMirror is the highly recommended one for mirroring Android screen to iPad and iPhone. Sharing Android screen with AirMore and Screen Mirror is easy and smooth but when it comes to a better user experience, ApowerMirror should be your first choice. With this app, you can see your Android screen on the iOS device just like using another Android phone.

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