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Been well over three months of Twitter testing its reply limiting feature and now it has been rolled for use by users all across the globe. This feature works in such a way that before users send their tweets, there is an option to choose who can reply to the tweet. The options available are people they follow, the people mentioned in the tweet, everyone or default which is the last option. This feature which is now available to all Android, iOS users, and the web versions are meant to ensure that unwanted replies don’t get in the way of meaningful conversations.

As written in a blog by Twitter’s product management director Suzanne Xie, this feature which was rolled out to some users sometimes in May would help users to feel safer while having meaningful conversations while being able to see different points of view.

 Xie also proceeded to express that the feedbacks gotten from users has been able to establish the fact that users now feel more protected from spam and abuse

 It is no longer a debate that Twitter has become not an ordinary Social Media but now a community that mostly houses elites including Presidents of Nations around the world. Several issues of life get discussed on twitter even before seen on any other Social Media.

 Now, you can choose between the three aforementioned options via the small globe icon at the bottom of your tweet. If you don't click on anything, the default option will be assumed, and everyone will be able to reply to it. Tweets, where you choose the limited reply options, will be labeled as such, and the reply icon will be greyed out for people who can't reply. However, everyone will still be able to view, like, and retweet these tweets.

 Xie elaborated on the feedback received from users in the blog post, saying that people felt more protected from spam and abuse. With this feature, users are more comfortable talking about happenings around them knowing they can choose who can reply. This feature was confirmed to be useful as about sixty percent of users who tested the feature did not mute or block the feature.

So, users who tweet about Social unrest in the society including vices like rape, robbery, or even disasters can express their minds with little or no fear of negative backlash and unnecessary trolling.

 Have you used the twitter reply limiting feature?

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