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Welcome to Vanaplus Group, we recruit personnel who are driven by ambition, stimulated by challenge,

who have the team spirit, not afraid to join a start-up company and most of all, people who share our values.

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About Us

Vanaplus is a member of the Vanaplus Group.

We are known for stocking quality Stationery, Office, School & General Supplies, Computers & Accessories, Books, Gifts, Media and more.

We deal with renowned brands of the above-listed categories, having numerous customers that have come to rely on our sales support and warranties.

Incorporated in Dec. 2004, The Company has since grown into a significant member of the Vanaplus Group.

The essence of our existence in the corporate world is to have an impact on living and life as a whole. Let's take you on an expedition through the very best available in stationery, computers, and office, school & general supplies with 
value-added services, prompt delivery, and great customer experience.

Our Vision

To provide value added service to our customers meeting their unique need, which is comparable to world-class standard.

An important step to help improve our service delivery is to listen to our customers and offer incomparable and unique services.

You can help our mission through your patronage and resource.

You are welcome to the winning team.

            Application Process Tips

  • Identify an opportunity that fits your profile (Browse our open positions & Check out the requirements).
  • What the Job requires are...
    • Key Responsibilities: Area of expertise
    • Previous work experience: years, function, background
    • Educational requirements
    • Qualifications: Technical or functional skills & core competencies
    • Cultural diversity & language domain
    • Level of responsibility
    • Location (if it’s open or not for relocation)
    • Travel percentage
  • Self Assessment: Analyze your background vs. the job requirements
    • Do a critical analysis of your strengths and opportunity areas in order to compare them against the job description.
    • Defining what you have: your competencies & style
  • Are we right for you?
    • Learn more about our culture: mission, vision & values and compare towards your needs and values.
    • Identify why you want to work for Vanaplus Group.
  • Now you are ready to decide to:
    • Apply: we highly suggest you select & apply for the job which most appropriately matches your qualifications.
    • Sign Up: If you can't find the perfect job at the moment. Signing up helps us to keep you posted via emails alerts when there are new or updated positions that fit your search criteria.



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