Our Corporate Social Responsibility

So far, we have been involved in worthy CSR events, empowering and encouraging literary, artistic, humanity and patriotic gestures. 

More recent and worthy of note amongst others is the #MumIsBaeContest - a special mothers days celebration contest aimed at encouraging children to celebrate their mothers.

The campaign required participants to send in a short article of 350 words in praise of their mothers, explaining why their mother deserves to win our grand prize (all expenses paid luxurious spa treat). They also encouraged to invite their friends to vote for their entry via likes and comments. the top 2 highest votes win.

find details across the social media using the hashtag #MumIsBaeContest

Below is a video of one of the winners treat. Enjoy!


The Contest was Organised by HOG Furniture and we are proud to be a partner along with Smart Cab and Biyou Spa.


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