Regular Maintenance of your Computer System

Just like every other machine or and electronics, there is a need for regular maintenance of your Computer System. This is to ensure that it performs at its optimized level. This is mostly referred to as preventative maintenance.

This must be scheduled just like servicing of a car to ensure proper functioning and smooth usage of the System.

Before we go into the details of Preventative maintenance, we need to know what is meant by hardware.

Hardware is any part of the computer that can be seen and touched, the physical components of a computer. This includes the Keyboard, Drives, fans, monitor etc.

Preventative Maintenance is not just for the physical parts of the Computer system alone but also the not-so-visible components of the system.

Preventative Maintenance is carried out at two different levels:

Physical Level Maintenance:

This is the cleaning process that has to do with the physical component of the Computer System. There is need to remove dust sitting in between the keys of the Keyboard, clean the fans that helps maintain the CPU temperature, the speakers, wipe the monitor, and also remove the specks of dust sitting in the CPU.

This should be done using the right type of solvent and a soft cloth. It is important to note at this point that exposing the CPU at this level cannot cause any form of hazard to the system.

System Level Maintenance:

This ensures that your operating system is optimized. To do this, check your hardware drivers to download and install their latest versions. In case you use any software, it is best to ensure that they are upgraded to the latest versions. Most of us have a lot of software and programs we don’t really use. These programs should be removed to clean up the disk space so you as to install more useful programs.

Though most Computers have anti-virus and anti-malware protection installed on them. However, these are often outdated and do not have the updated security patches. It is important to keep them updated to the latest versions to avoid substantial threats to your operating system.

A lot of people make the ignore fragmenting their hard drive. This can cause a major data loss in adverse situations and even cause system slowdown. So, defragment your hard disk and create multiple drives as often as possible.

Just like human systems need regular maintenance such as feeding, bathing, washing, exercise etc. We should not neglect the proper maintenance of our Computer System as well.


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