How to download apps remotely on to your Android device

I bet some us think we can only download apps from playstore to our Android devices on the device, yea, I used to think that too. But seriously, you can download apps to your android devices remotely from your PC.

You can download your apps from your desktop or laptop and the next thing you see it the app reflecting on your Android device. This becomes very useful for those whose Android device has been overloaded and freezes

Do you want to know how?

Follow the steps below:

  1. Go to play store on your browser


2. Search the App you want to download

3.  Choose the email you used on the phone

4. Select your phone


5.  Click install


6. Once it is done, your app will apply on your phone in the next 3mins.

If you have any complications, let us know.

Try this and give us feedback

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