Ways to keep school kids healthy during school year - 2

This write up is a continuation of Ways to keep school kids healthy during school 1. 

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Raising healthy children is not always an easy task. There is so much to be done but you are constrained by limited time. A healthy and active children can help boost their lifestyle. It can also help to prevent health issues such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma. It is important as parents to create healthy habits early on. These will help you make healthy choices for your children and family.

The tips below would help you raise a healthy and happy children 

Give them brain boosting breakfast 

Breakfast is an important meal of the day when it comes to school kids. More so, it also plays a vital role in their daily activities, especially in the morning. Parents should give their kids a balanced breakfast of low-fat protein and complex carbohydrates that has demonstrated to be important for proper brain functioning as well as providing the energy needed for the day.

 After School Snacks 

Most parents focus on nutritional breakfast and toy with other meals of the day. School kids are always ravenous after school and as parents, we should not sacrifice healthy living for sacrifice. Quick, easy and after school snacks can be served.

Select the right school backpack 

Due to academic demands today, backpacks are now heavier than before. Selecting the wrong backpack perhaps wearing it wrongly can lead to spine pain for the child. Ensure you go for the right collection to avoid back pain for the young growing child.

Learn about the symptoms, prevention and treatment of lice 

As much as we do not want to be bothered about lice in  the head, it’s a common problem amongst school children. Children that are in close contact in school who also share same blankets and other person items are more vulnerable. 

As parents, it is our responsibility to learn about how to prevent and treat this disease once we see the symptoms.

Make lunch boxes fun

Make their lunch boxes fun and enticing by selecting the ones with trendy designs, colourfully combined with good and in vogue shape.

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