Maintaining a clean schooling environment

Maintaining a clean learning environment is not just the job of a janitorial. As student/pupil, offer yourself by helping to keep the school premises clean for learning. You can take pride in the neatness and appearance of your school environment, also, you gain valuable health habits by caring for your environment. Whether you play a minor or a major role in the general cleaning, you can help to keep a clean school environment.

Here are few tips on how to maintain your learning environment:

Dispose trash properly

The fall out of candy wraps from your pocket may not seem like a big deal but with time, this trash and litter build up and mess up the school premises. If you see someone else litters the environment, kindly pick it up and dispose properly. Encourage your friends to emulate the habit of picking up dirt on the floor whether it is from them or not. However, wash your hand after this act.

Put things back after use 

Perhaps you take get a book out of the library shelf or you make use of any of the lab equipment, ensure you put it back properly after use. Leaving things unarranged makes the environment look cluttered.

Make use of foot mat before entering the building

It is very possible that dirt of any sort can hide under the school sandals of the students’ thereby making the school environment dirty if not scuffed. Help keep this from happening by wiping your feet before you enter the class/building. If your school does not have foot mat, lightly scrape your feet on the sidewalk before you step inside. You can politely make a request to the school authority about getting mats if your school doesn't have any.

Clean up any spills right away. 

If you spill water, soft drink, ensure you clean up immediately. You can use a towel or mop to clean up the spilled drink.

Make sure your lunch table is clean before you leave

Do not leave food wraps littered the floor of the kitchen/cafe or pieces of food on the table. Ensure you push in the chairs after using the table. Do remember to check the floor to ensure you did not drop anything on the floor.

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