Six Reasons iPhone is better than Android

When looking to buy one of the best smartphones, no matter what, these days, you can only buy a phone that would be running one of the two top mobile Operating Systems: the iOS or the Android

We need to mention that both platforms have gotten to the level where we can rely on their maturity for a great experience. This implies that both has been able to amass comprehensive features and as such, there is almost nothing one does that the others can’t.

In this post, I will shed some light on reasons you should prefer iPhone to Android so you can make an informed choice for your next buy.

The Apple Ecosystem

The fact is Apple obviously makes a wide list of tech products. I mean if you have an Apple Watch, Mac or an iPad, getting an iPhone makes a lot of sense. One of the major advantages attached to this is that Apple has designed a number of continuity features that gives room to carrying over work and data from one device to another. For instance, with Handoff, calls iPhone and Safari web pages can move seamlessly between iOS and macOS. Another example is the Universal Clipboard which allows users to use text copied on one platform to be used on the other. A favorite feature is the continuity camera with which you can take pictures and scan documents using your iPhone’s Camera and then view and edit them on your Mac. Recently I got to know that you can even complete purchases on your Mac by using the biometric feature on your iPhone via Apple Pay.

Only a few of Android phone makers have close to such hardware ecosystem. Even the “close” like Samsung does not have the depth integration you see in their counterpart. All these features which are not available on Android would definitely make a lot of things easier for users.

Better third Party App

Although this is based on personal judgment and preference I think Apps built by iOS developers are always “Wow”. Even airline apps tend to perform smoothly on iOS compared to Android . For example you cannot compare the Tweeter app “Tweetbot 5” which is iOS exclusive to “Fenix2” for Android. Bear a note-taking app on Mac and iPhones will give you a wonderful experience while composing blogs but Android is yet to have such a slick and comprehensive note-taking app. Talk about Snapchat on Android; it’s so slow and buggy.

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Get a new Android phone today and there is no way you won’t find an app sabotaging your space, power or data behind the scene. This is one thing you will never find on a new iPhone device no matter how you buy your iPhone, where you buy it from and what iPhone you buy. It will always come clean and I mean completely clean. No bloatware when you boot it up for the first time.


iPhones gives users access to accessories such as cases and all. When you work into any standard shop you are sure of getting the accessories to any iPhone you use unlike Android. The only cases you can get access to are the classy and popular ones. There are a lot of Android phones whose name doesn’t even bring a spark until you see their product.

Retail Support

It is so much easier to rely on professional support for your iPhones compared to Android phones where everyone and anyone can just put in a guess work which might end up causing more damage to your phone.

Quicker Software Update

Unlike Android phones which gets fewer updates depending on carrier, maker’s software policy and how expensive it is; iPhones continue to get updates irrespective of model. For instant iPhone 6 still got the most recent update iOS13 even though it launched with iOS 9. Consider Samsung’s Galaxy 6 launched with Android 5.0 Lollipop, it only made it as far as 7.0 Nougat and that was even eight months after Google unveiled the update.

When a new iOS version gets released it becomes available to everyone at the same time and can be installed on whatever model that supports it.

In Conclusion

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying iPhones are better than Android phones but having a iPhone has the listed advantages over Android devices.  

Look out for my next write-up; I promise to give you the advantages Android phones have over iPhones.

Do you have something you would like us to know about; drop a comment. 

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I learnt that most App do not run well on IPhone compare to Android. Here in Nigeria we use more of Microsoft products which syncs well on Android. What is your opinion?

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