The 10 best tips for model building beginners


Making beautiful plastic models from small parts is difficult, but not impossible. Sure they take a lot of time and can be seen tricky, but with some great tips, it can be done. People who have been doing this leisure activity for a long time get stuck too sometimes, let alone beginners. But that should not be the reason to stop. There is no need to give up and lose interest. Building plastic models is a great pass time and a great hobby. If you need some tips and tricks to get you going and stay motivated, then so be it. In this article, we will offer you the10 best tips for model building for beginners. Even those who are not beginners but get stuck constantly can benefit from these tricks.

Tips for model building

Below is our step by step guide to building your plastic model from small parts. Our guide is built to help model builders of every level, even beginners. To know advanced tips and tricks, you can visit artmachining. Now, make notes as you read through.

1.     Choose your level

All plastic models have a difficulty level. Some are really difficult; some are beginner-friendly. It is up to you to decide which level do you want to try. Our advice is, “do not take something you cannot handle.” Even if it sounds boring, take an easy model if it is your first time.

2.     Prepare for the challenge

If you have followed our 1st step, then in step 2 take mental preparation. Plastic model building is tough, even for experts. The beginner versions can also be a little tricky. So, take mental preparation. Find a calm and peaceful environment, get comfortable, and then start your work.

3.     Follow the manual

Your plastic model package should come with an instruction manual. Even if the instruction sounds boring or intimidating, depending on your level, read the instructions carefully. This instruction is from those who manufactured the model, so it is definitely important. For beginners, following the manual is a must.

4.     Preparation

Now, take preparation for what is about to come. Collect all the sprues and inspect all the parts in them. Make sure nothing is missing. Match the parts with the manual guide to understand their position. It will help you later in assembling the final piece.

5.     Paint the small parts

Paint the small parts beforehand. While the parts are on the sprues, paint them with your desired colour. Why, if you may ask? Well, the reason is to have more details about your work. Also, by painting the parts early, you are going to have an easy time with model building. Painting parts after the full assembly is very hard and requires precision. For beginners, our advice is to paint the parts early.

6.     Use side cutters

Side cutters are a great tool for cutting small parts. Get a small side cutter and start cutting the parts from the sprues. Even for beginners, the side cutters will help them cut the pieces in their intended shapes.

7.     Perfect Gluing

Use plastic model cement to glue the small parts together and assemble your model. You can use rubber bands or scotch tape to hold the pieces together.

8.     Finishing

Finish the model with your final touch. Give one good look at the manual to see if something is missing. Check if there is any spare part left to attach.

9.     Decals for visuals

Decals or stickers make the plastic model come alive. They give visual details to the model. Only apply decals after you have finished building the model.

10. Admire

Alright, now your model should be done. If you have followed all the steps so far, then you should have a complete masterpiece in front of you. Now, admire your artwork.

Congratulations on your success. You have finished your very first model building. We hope our 10 tips for model building helped you. And if this is not your first time, then we hope we have helped make the process quicker. Keep these tips in a note they might help you in the future.

Final Thoughts

We hope this guide helped you in getting through that beginner stuck phrase. Now you can use these tips and tricks to conquer all plastic model puzzles and assemble your masterpiece. Don’t be discouraged when things get messed up. You can always reopen a part, fix it and rejoin it. Sure it will get a little messy, but it will be worth it in the end. We hope you feel encouraged to dive into this hobby more and build great work of arts. These were the 10 best tips for any model building for any beginner. Thank you for reading.





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