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Gifting is one of the most important part of living. Even though it is not peculiar to a particular season but gifting seems to be more of a regular feature towards the end of the year.

Individuals and Organisations tend to package corporate gifts for deserving customers and friends when the year is gradually coming to the end. Gifting can be as a way of appreciating customers and individuals or a way of retaining customers and profiting relationships and both.

The most challenging part of gifting is knowing what to give to who. There are quite a lot of gift items out there and seriously, this is what makes reaching a conclusion on what to give much more challenging. I think the word is confusion; when there are so many options, confusion is inevitable.

We have come up with a list of Corporate Gift Ideas from our store to help you make informed decision. There are quite a number of Corporate Gifts on; we are just going to place emphasis on a few of them. Meanwhile, don’t forget; Corporate gift is the focus.

Mesh Desk Organizer:

There are quite a number of different Mesh Desk Organizers, from the single pieces, 3 Compartment to the 6 pieces mesh desk organizers. This helps declutter your desk thereby keeping in it organized. Do you know that a well-arranged desk keeps one inspired and focus throughout the day? You should try it. If you are considering corporate gifting; I think this will get the job done for you.



Trust me, everyone needs a diary. You need to plan events, schedule meetings, traveling and even daily to-do lists. With or without a Calculator, a Diary is by all means a corporate or individual gift that would be appreciated by everyone. You can shop for different sizes and colour of Diary and even request for branding on You can even get discount on bulk orders.



From the popular Big pens to the high-end Schneider and Paper mate pens; nothing serves the purpose of Corporate Gifts like pen. They are quite easy to brand will always come in handy. Have you noticed that people tend to look at the pen with which you write more than they take cognizance of your handwriting? A branded pen would hence spread the name of your organisation more than a calendar would. What more; it cost lesser. You should try that.

Document Tray:

Another Corporate gift idea worthy of mentioning is document tray. Imagine giving out document trays to each department of all your Corporate Customers; first you have won yourself a place in the heart of the employees which would spread to their clients as well. Document Tray as a Corporate Gift will not only make the statement for you; it will also make the mark.


Magazine Rack:

For receptions and corporate offices; Magazine racks are absolutely essential. Gifting a magazine rack for use at the receptions of all your corporate partners would turn each of their customers to your fan. You would have somehow deposited your name into their subconsciousness.


One of the mistakes most organizations make is gifting unbranded Corporate Gifts. As much as Gifting simply means giving back, you should leverage on your generosity to get a return on investment by branding those items as this is a form of subliminal marketing.

Which of the above items would you like to get from us?

You might end up being among the lucky ones. Just drop a comment.

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