Protecting your business from Cyber Threats

In this digital age; with most businesses sharpening their digital side, Cyber-attacks are one of the biggest threats to businesses. With the new normal gradually tilting towards companies storing data in the cloud, collaborating, communicating and sharing remotely due to the awakening caused by the pandemic, it is very important that everyone does the very best to keep Cyber-attacks where they belong.

Top 5 Cyber threats you should watch out for in your business are mentioned below:




Insider Threat

Data Leakage

 There is need for you to boost the security of your business. To do this, I have made a list of few things that can help you:

Antivirus and Anti-malware Software:

The major biggest Cyber threat to businesses with online presence is Malware and Ransomware. Malicious software like viruses and worms that penetrates IT networks are referred to as Malware. These are threats that can be mistakenly downloaded from website downloads, spam, or from connecting with other infected devices. On the other hand, a kind of attack where a user or group of users are logged out of their systems or network until a ransom is paid to the attacker before getting access is called Ransomware. These two threats though their approaches are different but they both can affect data and even revenue. To this end, it is important that your company invests in Anti-malware and Antivirus software.




Regular Update of Software:

No doubt updating software most especially if they take a very long time can be such a nuisance however, these updates are not only necessary to ensure that your tools and devices performs at their best but also provides very crucial security patches to protect your data and ultimately revenue. It is therefore advisable that you allow your updates run as and when due.

Educate your Staff:

With all your efforts, if you do not educate your staffs by sharing a blog like this with them to inform them of the possible threats and the importance of doing the needful, you might end up defeating the purpose. A few precautions to give your staff are itemized below.

  • Ensure the use of strong passwords which will include the uppercase, special character, and smaller cases.
  • Ensure that same password is not used across all platforms or apps.
  • Adopt the use of password management technology to assign and save passwords which will allow centralized access



  • Adopt the use of multi-factor authentication to ensure that more than password alone is required for access.

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