Is iPhone really worth the price tag?

It’s not a news that Apple and its services are well known across the world. With over 500 retail stores operational in over 25 regions, one can conveniently say Apple is no doubt the popular phone brand all over the world. The question is “Is the price tags on iPhones actually worth?”

In this write up, I will be giving you a few opinions about iPhones to leave you with the option of deciding whether the price-tag is actually worth it or not.

User Friendly

Most people have been able to acknowledge that iPhones are more user friendly compared to Android as one doesn’t necessarily have to be tech savvy to be able to handle iPhones as they have quite simple, slick and easy to navigate design. Well, this doesn’t necessarily mean to say that other phones are harder to use but I guess Android users would likely have the same opinion about their Android phones.

The fact remains that there are a lot of other phones in the market these days that are simple and easy to use which implies iPhones are not necessarily at the top when it gets to being User friendly.  


iPhones are generally believed as the classy phones. I believe this is not because of the features but simply because of the price tag. Keep it in mind the price-tag is what we are trying to justify. There are quite a number of Android phones that will give you the same camera, memory and even processor capacity of an iPhone at a lot lesser price. The fact still remains that there is a difference between the class of iPhone users and that of Android users. One Class is considered of more affluence than the other and we know which one.


Security and Updates

 Due to constant stream of iOS updates; most people believe that iPhones are more secured than every other phone. There is need for every user to understand that no matter the type of phone you use, updating a phone is quite very important and must be done as at when due. This is because each time you update your device you get a new technology to protect against malwares and other security threats.


Second-hand value

In a kind of way, iPhones rule the term of second-hand value. This is because no matter the specification of iPhone you have, someone somewhere wants it and would love to pay well for it. The perception of the brand and the synchronisation between it product counterparts makes iPhone look like a shining start which irrespective of how old, the brightness still stays attractive.


As I’ve said earlier, the opinions in this write-up are just to open your eyes to certain things which would aid your decision is answering the big question. Are iPhones really worth the price tag?

Lemme leave you with this; for an item to be used as a subject of debate, it means there is something worth debating about it.

Let’s know what you think; drop a comment.    



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