5 Ways To Ignite Your Child's Creative Potential

Have you ever taken time to know what your child loves to do?

Or just like every other Nigerian parent, it's the same hit-and-run story every day, blaming it on the complexity of the daily 9 to 5 hustle.

Do you even know what intrigues him or her?

And it's even worse if you are the kind of parent that doesn't see any good thing in your child.  You should know that every child is unique in his or her own way and don't deserve to be compared to the next person.

There are subtle strategies you can implement to figure out your Child's imaginative and experimental side. One of them is by buying the items that can ignite their zeal and spur them on to attempting new things.

Let's discuss some of them below.

  1. Color Pencil or Crayon

Creative children love beautiful things and won't mind creating it for themselves. They would take a leap at every chance they have to create something for themselves especially when it's what they love.


Colour pencil make up the toolset for artists and can be used for drawing, sketching a painting a beautiful scenery or object.

  1. Knit

If you find your daughter admiring pieces of clothing all the time, it could be a sign that she is crazy about fabrics and should be encouraged.

Knitting Yarn

By using quality knitting yarns and pins, she can easily carve a fantastic costume that she can wear or even give out as a souvenir. Guys too are in the art of making clothes today. So, it's up to you to understand who's interested in the textile art.

  1. Cursive writing book

Writing can be fun and a lot of it. It can also be intriguing plus it coerces you to discover your inner strengths in ways you never knew. A cursive writing book has many benefits.

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It can help you think clearer, write better as well as imagine things in a whole new inspiring way.

  1. Artist oil and palette painting knife

In the world of an artist, you can't escape adventure. There are always two sides to every coin; things to explore as well as things to discover.

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Artist oil and palette knife- a formidable weapon in an artist's arsenal for unlocking new life experiences.


  1. Cardboards


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These come in different unique colors and are quite multifunctional too. It has a variety of uses- from even the most basic form of decoration to a more professional drawing and design.

In a nutshell

The art sphere is saturated with unlimited, budding potentials. But the problem, however,  is that your child is not enlisted in the army of these creative giants. Help them uncover the diamond that lies within them unrefined.

It's going to be a process, a journey that would take them to that place of fulfillment but it starts with practicing simple tips like the one shared in this article. Remember, creativity is intelligence having fun!


Okelue Daniel,

Freelance Contributor to Vanaplus blog, a Creative writer who is passionate about connecting with others through the power of words.

Computer Science & Microsoft Certified Professional.

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