5 Awesome Books To Help You Become Better In The New Year

  So, here we are in 2018 and it's two months into the new year already. In the light of this reality, it's safe to assume that you have mapped out plans and strategies that you can work with for effective results. And if you have not yet figured out your life or don't understand why you behave in certain ways- and this probably hinders you from living the life you desire.

In this article, we've put together 5 awe-inspiring books that can help you have a direction, plan, focus and also become fulfilled in 2018.

  1. Attitude is Everything by Keith Harrel

This 222-page book provides 10 life-changing steps that allow you turn attitude into action. This book is authored by Keith Harrel, a renowned attitude coach in America with years of experience impacting lives.


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In addition, he's known to have been an executive instructor at IBM and now have notorious clients such as American Express, Mac-Donalds, and Microsoft under his impactful leadership.


  1. Awaken The Giants Within by Tony Robbins

This is a powerful book that will leave a sublime impact on your soul after reading it. It contains 26 chapters, strategically sub-divided into four parts of enriching content. This literature is one unusual piece that would leave you unconsciously taking steps to becoming a better you.


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And with chapter titles like: "Questions Are the Answers, " "The Ten Emotions of Power, " "Rules: If you're not happy, Here's why, " you'll certainly be amazed.


  1. Help, I'm Raising A Child Alone by T. D Jakes

If you're a single parent with the responsibility of a child in your care, this book provides great insight, wisdom, solutions and timeless examples that you can pretty much relate to.

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Every page proves to you that there's hope for you and your child and eventually, the light at the end of the tunnel would shine so bright you'll feel great alone- despite raising your child alone.


  1. A Call To Conscience by Martin Luther King

If you're looking for the man whose words carry a transformational power, it is the legendary Martin Luther.

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This book will work on your mind and challenge your thought process. This book is just what you need and you'll be better for it.


  1. Go Put Your Strength to Work by Marcus Buckingham


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This book is designed for employees who want to become extremely productive at work while unleashing their true potential at the same time.



There is no way you can have power until you are empowered. To truly breakforth into unlimited greatness, you need to have vast knowledge and this can be achieved through diligent study. Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.


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