Data Saving Tips

Data is life! Yes, data is now more like the new oxygen. If there was any portion of a business that experienced a spike during the lockdowns, I would like to believe it’s the Internet Service Provider. Cable tv providers could not even match up. Everyone had to be online to stay informed and even retain a level of sanity as it seemed like everything was falling apart.

Nowadays the highest financial consumption of most people is Data Subscription. This is because people now need the internet for almost everything. I would like to believe that most people now prefer to make WhatsApp voice calls to the regular voice call which requires the use of data. This makes me have the feeling that if not for the fact that airtime is one of the ways to get data; the demand for it would have decreased more than it already has.

To this end, there is an insatiable need to want to save data and this explains why 9 out of 10 people sacrifice just anything to get access to free data.

Let’s talk about a few tips to help you save data:   

  1. Not using the App? No need to run it on the background:

If you are not using the app at the moment, why run it? Running a background can deplete your data faster than anything. A word of advice- stop it.

  1. Disable auto-downloads:

Apps like Telegram, Whatsapp, Twitter are auto-download enabled by default. This will automatically download images and videos; mostly unwanted ones. If you would love to save data, you should turn off auto-download.

  1. Deactivate Google Playstore App auto-update:

No other app depletes your data like an auto-update on your Playstore. Most apps release updates every week as this plays a large role in making them remain relevant. This means if you are not careful, there is a chance of almost 10 apps on your play store updating weekly. I don’t want to imagine how that would deplete your data should most of your apps be heavy ones. Deactivating auto-update on playstore is quite simple and I think you need to do it now.

  1. Auto-playing Videos:

Please if you still have this turned on, you need to do something about it. Instagram is mostly known for images and pictures so if you are a gram person and you have the app on auto-play then your data would suffer for it.

  1. Use Data Saver in your browser:

Browser developers now understand how important this is and this has made everyone of them to look in the direction of data saving. “Hello, there are a lot of other apps competing for my data, why should I use you?” Data Saving mode has actually become a selling point now. I will advise you to please consider that the next time you want to use a browser.

  1. Streaming, YouTube, Statuses, and Snap Chats:

These are another major contributor to data deletion. You really need to reduce your cordiality with all these actions and app if saving your data is very important to you.

With everyone complaining of financial issues, I believe it is very important for everyone to look in the direction of saving money and reducing expenses. One of aspect I believe you should go easy on is data consumption.

Do you know about any other tip to saving data?

Let us know in the comment box.




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