Scheduling Auto-Shutdown in Windows 10

Have you ever scheduled auto-shutdown on your system? Do you even know it is possible?

Although, scheduling auto shutdown is not available on all Windows Operating System without a third-party app; the good news is it is possible on Windows 10. By the way, who uses any other Windows version these days? If you are one of those who still run on Windows 7, then I bet you must have missed one of my write-ups on Windows 7 end life. Try to read it.

Auto-shutdown gives you the luxury of making your system shutdown at a specific time.

Why do you need auto-shutdown feature?

Let me give you an example, assuming you are downloading a large file that would require you to wait until it finishes before you can shut down your computer; you would agree to the fact that this kind of thing is not just a time-waster but can be very frustrating. By learning this scheduling tip, you could safe valuable time, energy and even extend your computer’s hardware lifespan especially the battery (hp battery lifespan reduces from extended charging).

Below are the steps to Schedule auto shutdown in Windows 10

I am going to highlight 3 Major ways we can do this

  1. Command Prompt/Run Dialog/PowerShell
  • For Run dialogue, press Window key + R. For Command prompt or Power Shell, you can make use of the Search Bar.
  • Type the following command in the into Run dialog/Command Prompt/ PowerShell and press Enter: shutdown -s -s 1200



It is important to mention at this point that 1200 represents the number of seconds which implies by this example, the system would shutdown in exactly 20minutes. You can choose any value that suite your requirement.

  1. Using Task Scheduler
  • Type Scheduler in the Search bar to start Task Scheduler and choosing Schedule Tasks.
  • Then Create Basic Task after Task Scheduler opens.


  • Enter the name you would like to give to your task, for example, Shutdown.


  • Choose when you want the task to start. In our case, we’ll choose One time.
  • Enter the time and date when the task will be executed. For this, choose “one time”


  • Choose the action “Start a Program”


  • Click the “Browse” button and go to

C:\WindowsSystem32 and select file shutdown and click Open

  • Type -s in the Add arguments field then click Next
  • Double-check the Task information, if satisfied, click finish to schedule a shutdown


  1. Using a third party App

One of the Third-Party App you can use is Windows Shutdown Assistant. This App allows you to shut down your PC at the set time automatically. You can make your system shutdown in other situations such as excessive CPU usage, System Idle, or Low battery.

This app also supports automatic log-off, restart, and lock up all automatically. It has both a free and paid version.


Now you know how to schedule auto-shutdown on your Windows 10.

Try it and get back to us if it works.

Don’t forget, your comments, questions, and observations are welcome. Just drop a comment.




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